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My wife and I moved to the Chicago area in 1999. I interviewed by phone, thirty three Interior Decorators/ Designers, and my wife and I interviewed four at our home, or at their place of business. After the interview, my wife and I both realized that Lynn was the Interior Designer for us. Little did she know when she sent me the contract to sign for one specific job during 2003, that nine years later we would still be using her services. We both have been extremely happy with the outcome that Lynn produces and she has completed three major projects as well as various minor projects at our home. Her professionalism and passion for her work is clearly exhibited through each project's outcome. Lynn pays attention to every detail, no matter how large or small. Every time we have worked with her, she goes beyond what is expected!

Lynn's fee is easily negated by the amount of savings that she is able to provide during the selection of products, the selection of vendors to provide these products, and the selection of the construction company to perform the services. Then you end up with a "wow" effect when she is completed and the headaches of construction are also minimized by her ability to provide recommendations and guidance during this process. Just remember the advertisement on TV about Nexium® for heart burn- do you want to do your Interior Designer's job on your own, or have a professional assist with your designing needs?

She is a wonderful person to work with and we highly recommend Lynn. We look forward to working with her on more future projects.

Chuck & Sharon Willis
Wadsworth, IL

I very much enjoyed working with Lynn. She did an outstanding job of interpreting my tastes and designing accordingly, in multiple locations and settings. I would not hesitate to recommend Lynn.

Mike Cochrane

If you want to see a true professional at work watch Lynn. Lynn brings intelligence, energy, and passion to everything she does. Lynn brings out the best in people she is in contact with.

Mary Hoffman
Benjamin Moore & Company

Lynn has an amazing eye for design no matter what kind of project you are working on. She helped us with design challenges and color ideas for both our tiny condo in Chicago and our current home in the suburbs. She is very creative, but also takes your tastes into consideration. She is a wonderful person in her work and otherwise.

Angie Brannigan


I recently returned to the U.S. after a four year assignment in Asia and hired Lynn to update my Chicago home which had been rented during my absence. Time was short, the budget was tight and there were several logistical complications that popped up unexpectedly. Lynn performed beautifully with the project, doing the design work, securing and negotiating all the contractors and completed the entire project beautifully, on time and on budget. She was an absolute joy to work with and consistently went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure every detail, large and small, was taken care of. I highly recommend Lynn and L H Interiors.

Michael Thompson

I have recommended Lynn Hajduk and have been involved in many projects with her. From the first meeting with a client Lynn's outgoing personality keeps everyone at ease. She seems to have a great knack for choosing products and colors that fit the customers needs. I always feel my clients look at me in a higher regard after bringing L H Interiors into the mix.

Brian Dalbke
Renovation by D&D

We had an old 1960's-style home that had never been updated and a bunch of stuff that never seemed to blend together. My husband DID NOT WANT TO HIRE A DECORATOR...so this was a big deal for us. Lynn was fantastic in that she listened to our goals and our thoughts. She was so thoughtful in taking ideas from each of us and blending them into a plan that made us both happy. She came up with a phased approach for us. I was so impressed that she coached us on where to spend the money and where we could use things we already had. She made the rooms look exceptional with our own touch and incorporated our items in where possible instead of having us buy new like so many decorators push for. My husband NEVER boasts...but I heard him tell someone that we struggled with decorating ourselves and that Lynn did such an exceptional job that it really helped us when we had to sell the house and brought us a much better price! I have hired Lynn on every house since. Her extra touch makes a huge difference in the enjoyment of our daily lives...and she is such a joy to work with!!!

Lora Becker

Dear Lynn:

Thank you very much for taking our rough vision of our home and polishing it into an impressive, dramatic, reality.

John and Claudia Teschky
Wheaton, IL


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